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My Canadian Pharmacy: Historical Perspective in Asbestos-Associated Diseases

Asbestos-Associated DiseasesThe asbestos-associated health effects have, during the past ten years, commanded a unique position in the awareness and concern of individuals and various groups in our society. This unprecedented interest has extended well beyond the medical, public health, and biomedical research professionals, and there is no occupational health issue (a special set of public health concerns) which has had as much potential for interaction between social scientists, research investigators, government officials, industrial management, labor organizations, and members of the legal profession. The effectiveness in utilizing an emerging scientific data base in dealing with the public policy issues has been strikingly variable. Ethical, economic, and other social implications have resulted from occupational exposure to asbestos, and it is likely that in the United States, we are currently at or near the peak effect in terms of the various manifestations of this impact.