Dr. Cynthia Haines and The New Prescription: Alzheimer Prevention Benefits You Now and Later

AlzheimerAttempting to get surprised about bearing Alzheimer’s from striking you may be a bit like taking enraptured over saving money away for retirement. I realiza that the notion may run thoughts like these to pop into your head:

  • “I’m only (insert your age here). They’ll have a cure for Alzheimer’s long before I catch it.”
  • “If I get Alzheimer’s, I’m not even going to be aware that I have it. I’d rather focus on today, when I can appreciate my life.”
  • “I’ll die of something else long before I get Alzheimer’s.”

The truth is, people really stick back for retirement, and odds are good that most of us will live long enough to take out the rewards of our savings. As far as the causes for not rewarding off Alzheimer’s, it’s never secure to suppose that medicine will find a treatment for a disease, since it hasn’t yet for many of them. Secondly, losing one’s cognitive capability is heart-rending both for the person it influences and his or her loved ones.