Dr. Cynthia Haines and The New Prescription: Taking Charge Of Your Own Health Care

Own Health CareWhat’s the greatest group of people in the health-care workforce?

Doctors? No. As of 2008, America only had about 661,000 physician and surgeon jobs.

Nurse practitioners? No, only about 158,000 of those were performing in 2008. And only about 75,000 physician assistant working places existed that year.

How about nurses? Although about 2.6 million jobs for RNs were available in 2008, even they don’t comprise the biggest group of health-care employees.

So who does? The rest of America.

I’ve stored an editorial that occured in the journal JAMA last year on my computer desktop, and it goes on to resound with me. The authors of the piece — a doctor and nurse — claimed that “Ultimately, patients are the largest health care workforce accessible.”